Children of Saul

Miklós Schwartz

3 January 1944 – Auschwitz-Birkenau, 29-30 1944

Miklós was deported with his 4-year-old sister Vera and his parents from the Kecskemét Copper Factory, probably on 27 June 1944. The little boy and his sister contracted whooping cough. It is not known whether Miklós survived the journey in the wagon. If so, he was gassed in Auschwitz-Birkenau after arrival. Vera and Miklós’s father were serving as labor servicemen at the time. He learned of his family’s deportation from a note written and posted by a kind-hearted stranger, which he kept in his wallet until his death. The note read.”Schwarz Lajos 105/301 Air Raid Shelter Company, 412 P.O. Box, Szeged: I couldn’t post it anymore, someone please mail it to this address…if there is a way… Poor man had his wife and 2 small children taken away “.