Children of Saul

Lajos Schöntal

Kisújszállás, 1933 – Auschwitz-Birkenau, 1 July 1944

Lajos Schöntal lived in Kisújszállás. In June, 1944 local Jews were transferred to a collection camp that was set up in a Szolnok sugar refinery. During the transfer, Lajos’s mother, Vilma Fenyő gave birth to a child inside the cattle car.  They were all deported from Szolnok to Auschwitz on June 28 by the Hungarian authorities. Upon arrival, Lajos and her mother were separated. Lajos went to the gas chamber with his newborn brother. He was eleven. His mother, Vilma Fenyő also died in Auschwitz in August 1944, at the age of 40.