Children of Saul

Tibor Walder

Kaposvár, 16 December 1926 – Magdeburg, 27 October 1944

In June 1944, 17-year-old Tibor was first taken to the Kaposvár ghetto, and then in early July to the concentration camp set up in the so-called artillery barracks. On 5 July, its inmates were deported and arrived in Auschwitz-Birkenau two days later. Tibor survived the selection and was transferred to the Buchenwald concentration camp on 16 July, where he was given prisoner number 65261. For the next three months he was subjected to slave labor in one of the deadliest subcamps, Magdeburg-Rothensee. He died on 27 October 1944, the official cause of death being general septicemia.