Children of Saul

Berta Gerstl

Moson, 12 April 1932 – Auschwitz, 21 September 1942

Berta Gerstl moved from Moson to Vienna with her parents. While her father was trying to sort out their emigartion in Palestine, Berta was sent by her mother from Vienna due to Nazi pogroms in Austria. She departed from the Westbanhof of Vienna on 10 December 1938. Only a small paper sheet hanging on her neck attested to her not being completely alone in the world: it indicated her name, the mother’s Vienna address and the fact that her father was in Rechovot, Palestine. She lived in a Jewish orphanage in the Hague. In September 1942 she was taken to the Westerbork internment camp. From here Berta was deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau and murdered at the age of 10. The documents exempting her from deportation arrived from Palestine 8 months after her death.